Concord Farms is Ceasing Operations

We are sorry to announce our close of operations on April 26th, 2019. We extend warm appreciation to our loyal customers, vendors and rancher partners who have supported us throughout the years. If you have any questions, please get in touch at (605) 725-3335.

Sincerely, Matt O

A Traditional Family Farm

My name is Todd Ochsner. My wife Cheryl and I have five children including 3 boys, Jake, Matt, Adam, and two daughters Erin and Laura, and also one deceased son, Josh.

We’ve been farming our land in South Dakota for generations.

Our farm is our home, where we choose to do things the old-fashioned way. Caring for our land and livestock with pride and tradition.

I would like to share my unique view of agriculture with you. The most important element I would like to express as you read this story is, “If you take care of the land it will take care of you.”

Our cattle eat only nutrient-dense grasses and cover crops and are free of hormones, antibiotics and steroids.

I grew up in Aberdeen SD and learned to love farming from a young age, having had the opportunity to help on my grandfather's farm. In those days, there was a minimal amount of synthetic fertilizer and chemical used in this area.

But as I grew more active in farming, I watched as both chemicals and synthetic fertilizer use grew exponentially. In the upper midwest, vast areas of virgin prairie was broke for grain production. Areas of fields with weak soil and low production, being coated with more and more chemicals.

Our farms has strived to buck this trend. We have broken each field into 5 zones and we fertilize and plant on what is called ‘variable rate’ to help the soil. We exclusively employ no-till practices and we've worked to better soil and sustainability by increasing Phosphorus in our soils to the level of the virgin prairie (16 parts per million).

Our farm is our home, where we choose to do things the old-fashioned way. Caring for our land and livestock with pride and tradition.

In order to improve our soil's organic matter, we plant cover crops behind a crop of spring wheat (double cropping). A combination of radishes, turnips for deep tillage to break up compaction and install organic matter, along with oats for carbon, crimson clover and flax for natural nitrogen building for the next crop while eliminating a lot of fungicide and pesticide application most farms require. Our method of sustaining and improving organic matter has been to turn a productive grain field back to way the prairie was and let mother nature do the work just like what has been done for millions of years.

Additionally, the cover crops provide food for our grass fed cattle. They are truly part of the process, their manure enriching the soil and their hooves driving nutrients back into it.

Our practices help burn less fuel, use less chemical and apply less synthetic fertilizer, resulting in healthy crops, healthy livestock, and a healthier planet.

We’re proud to pass along our heritage of responsibility in cattle production and grain farming to our children and we’re proud to share a piece of it with you. Please support Concord Farms by purchasing our delicious, healthy grassfed beef.