Concord Farms is Ceasing Operations

We are sorry to announce our close of operations on April 26th, 2019. We extend warm appreciation to our loyal customers, vendors and rancher partners who have supported us throughout the years. If you have any questions, please get in touch at (605) 725-3335.

Sincerely, Matt O

Questions about the clean, natural beef

Why is grass-fed beef better for you?

Grass-fed beef is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Not to mention, grass-fed beef is leaner which is recommended in a healthy diet. At certain lean points grass-fed beef can even be healthier than skinless chicken breast and tastes excellent because of its grass-fed flavor.

Are the cattle truly healthier?

Cattle in a grass-fed diet environment also have a healthier diet that at maximum might gain 1-2 pounds per day versus a feedlot environment that pushes the animals to gain 4-5 pounds per day. Also by leaving the cattle on a pasture environment they get exercise that benefits their health just as exercise does for us. When you start with a healthier product, you end with a healthier product.

Is grass-fed beef helping the environment?

Being involved in agriculture all my life I’ve seen the negative effects of fertilizer leaching into the environment and soils being degraded because of poor farming practices. Our grass-fed cattle are used naturally by pushing plant matter back into the soil, where it belongs, and increasing water and nutrient uptake. Grass-fed beef allows us to use the natural fertilizer (manure) to continue on with a more holistic farming practice. No additional resources are needed if the pastures are properly grazed.

How do I know the animals are being cared for humanely?

On our farm, cattle are worked using horses, instead of ATV’s, keeping a lower stress environment for the livestock. Absolutely no electric prods (hot-shots) are allowed to be used when working cattle because a proper cattleman needs to be able to work with the cattle instead of force them.

Why support Concord Farms?

We are the producer and the supplier at a reasonable price. We are not one of the big packers, but only a small, reliable, and wholesome family with core values rooted in agriculture that wants to supply safe food to the consumer. We have a moral obligation to provide safe food to the people and protect our environment.

Can I visit Concord Farms?

Absolutely! We encourage you to come to Aberdeen, SD to see our farm, our practices, and our cattle. Even though it may be a far drive from where you live, we encourage you to make the trip and truly see why our product is better. If you can’t make the trip than e-mail us with questions about our grass-fed beef and get to know us.